Japan Veterinary Medical Association


Academic activities

To promote research and development of veterinary technologies, JVMA operates 3 academic societies including the Japanese Society of Farm Animal Veterinary Medicine, the Japanese Society of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine, and the Japanese Society of Veterinary Public Health.

Veterinary Academic Annual Meeting

3 academic societies within JVMA jointly hold the Veterinary Academic Annual Meeting to facilitate research and development of veterinary technologies and to provide a training for veterinarians and relevant medical service providers. In 1983, the 1st annual meeting took place. After more than 3 decades, each annual meeting gathers around 2,000 people with over 200 keynote addresses, educational speeches, and scholarly presentations.

Veterinary Awards

JVMA has set up the “JVMA Medical Veterinary Award” to contribute the development of veterinary technologies in Japan. Each year, scholars and veterinarians with the most distinguished achievement are recognized based on their contribution to the development of veterinary medicine and the scientific research.

Publication of JVMA Journal

JVMA Journal is published monthly for the purposes of promoting veterinary science, informing updates on veterinary affairs and animal welfare, and educating veterinary professionals.

JVMA Journal contains the original papers/letters submitted to three sectors, (1) livestock animal practice and animal health, (2) small companion animal practice, and (3) veterinary public health, wildlife veterinary medicine and environment conservation. JVMA Journal is a continuing professional development platform to provide updates on veterinary affairs, animal welfare, proper animal care including wildlife conservation.

JVMA Journal is available both in printed and electric versions, to distribute internationally.

At the point of March 2019, JVMA has published 867 issues (latest issue; Vol. 72, Number 3) of JVMA journal, which runs about 28,000 copies.

Continuing education

JVMA runs continuing education (CE) program for diverse sector veterinarians who engage in small animal practice, livestock animal practice, animal health, veterinary public health, education, and research. CE program provides continuing professional development (CPD) accreditation, with offering multisector program. This project is supported by provincial veterinary medical associations, veterinary universities, and other veterinary academic institutions.