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Companion Animal Identification Service

  • In Japan, microchips are mainly used for the measure of animal identification.
  • All microchips distributed in Japan are standardized in accordance with ISO11784/11785.
  • Japan Veterinary Medical Association's database of microchips is the only and largest database in Japan covering all companion animal species. (About 2.5 million pets are registered as of December 2020)
  • The Animal Welfare and Control Law, amended on June 1, 2019, made it compulsory to microchip and register commercially sold cats and dogs. (The law will be enforced within three years.)
  • Microchipping is already compulsory for specified animals (dangerous animals), alien species, and cats and dogs that pass through import quarantine.

For general information about microchipping of pets in Japan, please contact us. For example, in cases:

  • taking your pet animal into Japan and register it in Japan;
  • when you have rescued a pet that has a microchip with Japanese country code (392).

Japan Veterinary Medical Association

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