Japan Veterinary Medical Association



JVMA represents 28,000 veterinarians around Japan through its member 55 associations.

Executive Committee
(At the point of June 27, 2023)
President Isao Kurauchi
Vice Presidents Kazufumi Sunahara
Hiroshi Toriumi
Masako Kurimoto
Executive Director Masato Sakai
Hokkaido District Director Yutaka Tamura
Tohoku District Director Tomiya Oyamada
Kanto District Director Akira Usami
Tokyo District Director Hiromichi Ueno
Chubu District Director Yuji Yamada
Kinki District Director Haruo Nishiyama
Chugoku District Director Kazuaki Takashima
Shikoku District Director Takeshi Kaino
Kyushu District Director Haruo Kusaba
Director of Veterinary Science, Education and Research Sector
(Also serve as the Director of the Society of Veterinary Medicine)
Reeko Sato
Director of Livestock Animal Practice Sector Fumio Tatsukawa
Director of Small Animal Practice Sector Takashi Mori
Director of Livestock Mutual Aid Sector Akira Yokoo
Director of Animal Health & Disease Control Sector Shinichiro Kataoka
Director of Veterinary Public Health Sector Yoshifumi Kaji
Director of Animal Welfare & Protection Sector Jun Saeki
Auditor Yoichiro Ichikawa
Kazuya Sasaki
Takashi Shibayama

Wide working range of veterinarians

Clinical Veterinary Practice

Veterinary practice (prevention, diagnose, treatment) in livestock animals (cattle, horse, pig, chicken, etc.) and companion animals (dog, cat, bird, etc.)

Public officer

Control of animal infectious disease (prevention of epidemics, animal quarantine),Counselling to livestock farmers (rearing, animal health, etc.),Livestock breeding artificial insemination, embryo transfer,Differential diagnosis and research in livestock animal diseases,Examination for the approval of veterinary medical products (ensuring safety of drugs),Pharmaceutical inspection,Fish diseases control,Meat inspection,Prevention of rabies and other infectious diseases,Food hygiene inspection and counselling,Environment inspection and counselling,Diagnosis and research in zoonotic diseases,Public education of animal welfare

Application, education and research in veterinary medical science

Veterinary student education,Academic research in veterinary medicine and science,Veterinary continuing education


Veterinary clinical practice in zoo/aquarium animals,Artificially supported reproduction of endangered animals,Protection, management of wildlife


Research and development in veterinary/human drugs,Assuring the quality, safety and efficacy of veterinary/human medical products,Proper management of laboratory animals

School kept animals care, animal assisted activities

Counselling on care and clinical veterinary practice in companion animals kept in schools
Social welfare activities and animal assisted activities

Overseas cooperation

International cooperation (International technology transfer by means of dispatching specialist, inviting trainees)


~Based on Article 22, Veterinarians Act~ (at the point of Dec 31, 2014)